Raimundo José de Araújo Macêdo, PhD                                (em português)

Full Professor 

Computer Science Department, Federal University of Bahia – UFBA (Salvador, Bahia, Brasil)

Short CV in English - LATTES-CNPq (full CV in Portuguese)

o   Publications and research

o   Lecturing

o   Thesis and Research Supervisions

o   Conference Committees

o   Administrative and Academic Coordination Activities

Some non-technical activities I am involved in (Algumas atividades não técnicas)

*** Director for the Cooperation with Scientific Societies of the Brazilian Computer Society

*** Brazilian Representative for Latin-American Center for Informatics Studies (CLEI)  


*** Brazilian Representative for IFIP General Assembly (International Federation for Information Processing)

*** Environmental Impacts of E-Waste (follow this link for more information)

*** SBC Horizontes Magazine

*** Blog "Software and Intellectual Property – Models and Challenges"              novo link

*** Foundation of the Computing Science and Technology Institute at UFBA (In Portuguese)